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Q: Can hearing loss be caused by earwax?
A: Cerumen, often referred to as earwax, is a substance produced in the ear that aids with inner-ear protection. Each person produces different amounts of earwax. Sometimes earwax can build up and cause a temporary blockage of the ear canal. You should never attempt to remove wax on your own with any sort of object, including a cotton swab. Doing so could further compact built up earwax, leading to more complications. Usually patients return to their normal hearing once excess earwax is removed by a hearing professional. If you believe you have built up earwax, contact us for an evaluation.
Q: What are some common signs of hearing loss?
A: Common symptoms of hearing loss can include:

  • Voices sounding muffled or muted
  • Difficulty comprehending conversations
  • Having to listen to media at higher volumes than before
  • Continually asking people to repeat themselves
All of these are good indicators of hearing loss, but the best way to be sure is to schedule a hearing screening.
Q: Can hearing aids restore my hearing?
A: Hearing loss is usually permanent and wearing hearing devices will not restore your hearing back to regular levels. However, hearing devices can help you take control and manage your hearing loss so that the impact on your quality of life is minimal.
Q: Can I just wear one hearing aid?
A: Typically, hearing loss affects both ears. In certain cases a patient may only need one hearing device, but that is much less common. Wearing two devices can offer a range of benefits. With equal input for both of your ears, your brain will have much an easier time understanding conversations. You will also find it easier to determine where sounds are coming from. Research also shows that wearing two devices gives the user a much greater sense of balance.
Q: Will I pick up background noise with hearing aids?
A: Hearing devices won’t completely remove all background noise. Modern hearing devices contain very sophisticated technology that can help boost certain signals such as a human’s voice. These devices also come equipped with directional microphones that pick up sounds in front of you and reduce other unwanted noise. Even though hearing devices do not completely remove background noise, they do provide a much clearer hearing experience.


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Confronting hearing loss is a difficult task for anyone. You can help by accompanying them to their hearing appointments and becoming better informed about hearing loss yourself.

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